How to Enjoy Increased Performance with Medicine in Sports

Excelling in any sport takes a great deal of skill, discipline and stamina. Of course, natural talent is always involved and a love for a particular activity should always be present. However, modern science has enabled many athletes to vastly enhance their performance. Examples can be seen in baseball, football, cycling (such as Lance Armstrong) and weightlifting. How can medicine help us to increase our natural abilities? It is also just as important to understand how some of the most common medical breakthroughs have translated into common use.

The Function of Steroids

One category of performance-enhancing drugs is known commonly as steroids. There are a number of different types. The thermogenic variety will provide a great deal of energy and aid in fat loss. Anabolic steroids help to increase lean mass and strength. On many occasions, these two types are taken in conjunction to produce a synergistic effect. It is still always important to know the legal and medical risks which are involved.


This is a lesser-known type of medicine which is used in sports. Interestingly enough, nootropics affect the acuity of the mind as opposed to the strength or agility of the body. Otherwise known as “intelligence amplifiers”, nootropics help the neurons in the brain to more efficiently communicate with one another. In turn, this
decreases reaction times while even producing some mild pain-moderating effects through the release of certain hormones. These effects will enable a player to be provided with a very real “edge”; particularly when performing activities which require a great deal of balance and coordination.

Joint Help Through Cortisone

Many athletes suffer from joint problems as they age. This can be a frustrating situation for anyone who has a passion for a certain activity. In the 1950s, it was discovered that cortisone played an important role in terms of its anti-inflammatory properties. Now, active individuals can be given topical creams, pills or injections to combat the deterioration of the cartilage within the joints. While these are not meant to solve the initial problem, they are excellent at relieving symptoms.

Natural Supplementation

Medicine has finally enabled scientists to better understand how nutrients, vitamins and minerals are absorbed within the human body. Furthermore, clinical trials have proven that substances such as creatine monohydrate, nitric oxide, arginine and whey protein are all extremely healthy when used in conjunction with a dedicated exercise regimen. Now, millions of athletes of all skill levels can enjoy the benefits that these and other substances provide. As they are available without a prescription, natural supplementation is widely used in numerous sports.

Medicine has indeed contributed massively to the sporting industry. This trend is likely to continue and we should fully expect to witness more breakthroughs within our lifetime and beyond.



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